Don't Be Creepy


These pages (and the talks that spawned them) are based around three primary concepts:

  1. Most geeks are lacking in social skills, either because they don't care or because socials skills don't come easily to them.
  2. Social skills can be learned.
  3. It benefits you to learn social rules, even if you choose not to always follow them.

On this site you'll find tips on social skills from people who've had to learn them the hard way.

You'll also find links to many articles that address social issues affecting geeks.

Finally, you'll be able to download the presentations used for various talks on these topics.

Hopefully the information here is valuable to you and will help you begin to learn some of the social rules that many take for granted.

These are the things I wish that someone had known to tell me when I was in high school; it could have saved me years of dating woes.